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Wolf Ridge Organic Farm

David founded the Wolf Ridge Organic Farm in 2009 and over the years the farm was expanded and it continues to increase the production to meet the goal:

to provide all of the vegetables and eggs

for the 160,000 school meals served each year.


The Wolf Ridge Organic Farm also hosts educational programs for the school groups who visit Wolf Ridge and a summer Farm Camp. David retired from the farm to start his new position with Extension at the end of 2018. The farm is now managed and cared for by Sarah Mayer

Round River RenewablesLLC

We still offer a limited amount of time to consultation through Round River Renewables associated with our experiences in off-grid living and sustainable technologies. We promote and offer only what we have personal experience with and look for ideas and solution that are of high quality, reliable and cost effective. We are available for consultation on all aspects of sustainable living, from site assessment to conservation practices and energy systems to greywater design.  Contact Us for more information.

AgroEcology Center

The AgroEcology Center in Finland Minnesota is a project of the Organic Consumers Association. David oversaw the development of this permaculture farm and educational center. The 13 acre parcel includes a house, barn and Deep Winter Greenhouse  (UofM grant). Under development are three acres of permaculture gardens with terraces, berms and swales enclosed by a wooden deer fence. As of 2019, project is now managed by Stefan Mayer and lives on site.

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