Round River is more than just a farm. Over the years, we have provided a variety of learning opportunities for countless visitors. There have been delegations from foreign countries, toddlers from local pre-schools, professors from Minnesota colleges, youth groups from regional churches, and individuals from around the country and world. We have developed workshops, classes, curriculum and patience as we have hosted up to 1000 visitors at Round River each year.

Renewable Energy & Sustainable Living

Round River Farm is an off-grid homestead. We use 

photovoltaic and wind for our electricity, a traditional

windmill to pump our water, a greywater system and

compost toilet to recycle our waste, the sun and wood

for heat and hot water, and buildings and structures

constructed with timbers and stone. We are happy to

share our knowledge and experience and help others

incorporate alternative energy and sustainability into

their lives. Through Round River Renewables LLC we

offer a variety of Renewable Energy, Sustainable Living

and Agriculture workshops either at our homestead or

through North House Folk School. Consultation is also available. 

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