Local & Just Food Systems

Lise and David have been working on building a local food system throughout the region for the past three decades. Along with designing and building the Aquaponic Farm, the Wolf Ridge Organic Farm, The AgroEcology Center and of course the family farm Round River. They are also work with multiple organizations and offer workshops, videos and presentations on the future of food. As part of building the foundation of this local food system, they are developing a Farmers Owned Seed Cooperative. David is also part of ongoing food systems work through his new position with Extension. Both David and Lise are active members of the Finland Food Chain project and David is on the board of  Midwest Organic & Sustainable Education Service (MOSES), and Lise is on the board of the Lake Superior Sustainable Farming Association (LSSFA). David is a Minnesota trainer for the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) workshops being held around the country.

Research - Food Systems 

                       Round River Farm Research

                    In assessing our food-sheds carrying capacity,                       David co-authored the IRRRB Regional Food                 Assessment, which built off his previous research with the Western Lake Superior Food Carrying Capacity project.  Other on-farm research through the Minnesota Department of Agriculture includes Integrating Livestock Profitably into a Fruit and Vegetable Operation. and a joint research project with Wolf Ridge Organic Farm includes Agrophenology page 54          and David's research based solely on the Wolf Ridge                   Organic Farm included a Raising Soil pH Effectively in                     Acid Soils page 102 and milkweed and pollinators On                   going research continues to be explored.

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