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Sustainable Food Systems

This ten-class curriculum was created for the Northland Food & Farming Initiative, sponsored by the Sustainable Development Partnership of Northeastern Minnesota. Its purpose is to build awareness of sustainable food and farming issues by providing hands-on, passionate, farmer to student curriculum to increase basic food literacy and provide consumers a more sophisticated understanding of the economics of our food system, effects of the food system on rural communities, the history of our regional food system, and general health and food quality issues. For more info Contact Us

Farm Internships Available

Looking for an opportunity to learn how to farm in northern MN. Potential applicants should have an interest in Seed Saving, Genetics and Sustainable Living.  Contact Us


Round River is more than just a farm. Over the years, we have provided a variety of learning opportunities for countless visitors. There have been delegations from foreign countries, toddlers from local pre-schools, professors from Minnesota colleges, youth groups from regional churches, and individuals from around the country and world. We have developed workshops, classes, curriculum and patience as we have hosted up to 1000 visitors at Round River each year.

Farm To School Growing Our Future

By investing in our children through better nutrition, we can support local

farmers, stabilize communities, fight obesity and make kids healthier. VIEW HERE 

The miracle of Finland: What a tiny northern Minnesota town can teach America
Jacob Steinberg, City Pages News - The author of this article visited our town three different times over a three month time period to write this article for the City Page News. This lengthy feature article took a look at the excitement and growth of our small little town. Growth of our food systems and community, not the population.  VIEW HERE 
Interviews, Articles & TV Clips

Lake County News Chronicle:  ~ Wolf Ridge Farm uses grant to create agro-calendar READ HERE  ~ Wolf Ridge ‘hires’ pigs for landscaping help READ HERE  ~ Finland farmers named Lake County's Farm Family of the Year  READ HERE

Duluth News Tribune: Finland farmers thrive off the grid READ HERE

PBS Almanac North “Local Food as an Economic Driver” & “Lake Superior Zoo Update” A study of the potential economic impact of local food production on the Iron Range shows great potential. We talked with researchers involved in the study.VIEW HERE

Renewing the Countryside Round River Farm – Living Lightly, Sustainable Living in the North Woods READ HERE

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