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A sprig of balsam

held between thumb 

and forefinger


Scent of cedar

piercing the chill dawn


The soft sigh of pine

soughing in evening


Are as much a prayer

as any


-Carlisle Evans Peck

Hello Friends,


Unfortunately due to the summer drought and worsening Spruce Bud Worm infestation we are not able to sell Holiday Wreaths this year. 


Best wishes & take care,

Colby Abazs

Fresh Handmade Balsam Wreaths

We hand-weave our wreaths from fresh balsam, pine, and cedar sustainably harvested from our surrounding forests, and decorate with pinecones, princess pine, imitation berries, and a weatherproof red velvet bow. We think of them as a circular forest because they incorporate so many pieces of our beautiful surrounding woods. They measure approximately 24" in diameter and will be shipped out starting the last week of November unless you specify otherwise.

$35.00 (plus shipping)

Click         for a printable order form to mail in, or to order online look below. 

1) Find the box below that corresponds to where the wreath will be shipped.

2) Choose if you want rice with your wreath.

3) Write a message for the card if it is a gift wreath.

4) Click the "Buy Now" button in your box.

5) Fill out payment and shipping address in the PayPal window that opens.

6) To order additional wreaths as gifts for friends repeat 1-5 for each address. 

Minnesota Wild Rice

We hand harvest our wild rice from the lakes and rivers of Northern Minnesota.  This is not the same as most commercial "wild" rice found in stores, which has been farmed in monoculture paddies. True Minnesota wild rice grows naturally in shallow lakes and rivers where it is harvested by using long sticks to bend over the stalks and knock the ripe grain into the bottom of a canoe. This is then parched and threshed at a mill. The result is a nutty flavor full of the richness and variety provided by our native wetlands. Add a wild rice package to a wreath or order some separately. Recipes are included. 

$16.00/pound (no shipping with wreath)

Wild Rice

Shipped on own without wreath.

$16 per pound

$10 shipping

Zone 1&2

Shipped to ($25): 










Provide full address when paying. 

Zone 3

Shipped to ($30): 


Provide full address when paying. 

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